Next Generation Education

Multimedia classroom instruction delivered through powerful DVD technology

LITTLE ROCK, AR - For educators trying to compete with the media rich environment in which students live today, BestQuest Teaching Systems® is creating pop-in-and-go curriculum that takes advantage of the state-of-the-art DVD technology that's found in the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Led by Joe Irby, a visionary in making instruction meaningful and fun, the company has partnered with one of Hollywood's hottest DVD development companies, Comchoice®, to create a line of DVD curriculum sure to motivate students to learn.

The company's first product, a full year of Algebra I instruction on DVD, allows educators to develop their own paths of instruction via easy-to-navigate lessons. "We wanted to create a mathematics tool so easy to use that even non-credentialed teachers could teach a subject like Algebra, and get students interested in learning it," said Irby. "Algebra can be a painful subject for some students to learn. Our program, Algebra'scool®, was built with the goal of engaging students in the learning process and helping to personalize Algebra through relevant characters and real-world vignettes."

The Power of DVD
DVD was chosen as the delivery platform for Algebra'scool in order to provide: the best possible audio and video quality, durability, and dynamic interactive navigation that allows non-linear access to course content. Teachers play the DVDs in their classroom using only a TV monitor and DVD player, thus eliminating the oft-times confusing issues of computer networks and software.

Because the technology allows for customized paths through the content, educators can move through the lessons as their own pace and use as much of each lesson as they like. The flexibility of DVD also allows teachers to use their current text and supplement it with high-quality Algebra instruction using manipulatives, off-line materials, and engaging DVD content on a daily basis.

"DVD is a technology primed for delivering educational content,"said Bob Hively, President of Comchoice. "It offers multi-language capability and levels of interactivity, Web-connectivity, video/audio quality, and storage capacity that far surpass all other forms of media delivery. As well, it is an affordable, easily portable medium that allows schools to send the educational experience home."

BestQuest Teaching Systems, founded in 2001, is creating next generation education programs for K-12 schools. Designed using state-of-the-art DVD technology, BestQuest's programs help teachers instruct by engaging students in course content and motivating them to learn. The company's first product is Algebra'scool, a full year of algebra courseware on DVD. For company and product information, visit

Scope Seven, formerly Comchoice Corporation, offers turnkey DVD and CD-ROM production capabilities, including: video and audio encoding; authoring; interactive programming; full service graphic design; motion menus; 3D and Flash animation; DVD quality assurance/emulation; sub-titles; closed-captioning; video and audio post; replication and packaging. The company's multimedia expertise extends to front-end web design and utilization of interactive technologies (DVD, CD-ROM and Web) to design and execute strategic marketing and promotional programs for clients in a variety of industries. Clients include: Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, the BBC, New Line Cinema, Warner Music Mexico, EXPN's Tube Film Festival, NFL Films, Fox Racing, THQ, Pfizer, Sebastian International, Nissan, Lexus, Karen Voight/Entertaining Fitness, BestQuest Teaching Systems, and many others.