BestQuest Teaching Systems Introduces Algebraic Additions to Math'scool

LITTLE ROCK, AR., March 22, 2007 - In response to customer requests for beginning algebra content for its pre-algebra product Math'scool®, BestQuest Teaching Systems® has added the Algebra Middle School Pack which will feature specific units from BestQuest's award-winning product Algebra'scool®.

After surveying math educators from across the country, BestQuest Teaching Systems decided to re-package Units A, B and F of Algebra'scool to help Math'scool users with beginning algebra in the areas of operations and expressions, equations and inequalities of one variable, and data analysis, probability and statistics. The Algebra Middle School Pack provides instruction through graphics, illustrations, diagrams, models, and real-world problem-solving situations delivered on DVD. The pack uses animated characters and appealing storylines to motivate students to learn complex mathematical concepts typically presented in grades 5-9.

By combining the Algebra Middle School Pack with Math'scool, BestQuest Teaching Systems is now able to offer students and math teachers the opportunity to cover all of the math standards for middle school math.

According to Joe Irby, president and founder of BestQuest Teaching Systems, "The Algebra Middle School Pack bridges the content in Math'scool with Algebra'scool. In surveying teachers, we found that a lot of schools were in need of programs that covered all of the five NCTM Content Standards. The Algebra Middle School Pack rounds out Math'scool to cover all five of these standards."

Pricing of the Algebra Middle School Pack is $995. The pack will include 41 lessons and will be available summer, 2007. For more information on the Algebra Middle School Pack, visit the BestQuest Teaching Systems web site at or call toll-free 866-882-2665.

About BestQuest Teaching Systems
Founded in 2001, BestQuest Teaching Systems is creating Next Generation Education® programs for K-12 schools. Designed using state-of-the-art DVD technologies, BestQuest's programs help teachers instruct by engaging students in course content and motivating them to learn. For company and product information, visit BestQuest Teaching Systems on the Web at or call toll-free (866) 882-2665.