1. Does BestQuest® provide state alignments and textbook alignments?

    Yes, Math'scool® has been aligned to the NCTM Standards and States' frameworks, benchmarks, and/or standards. If a school or teacher would like to have the program aligned to a district's or school's standards, then BestQuest will provide that alignment at no additional cost. Click here to view currently available alignments or to request an alignment.

  2. What components are included in Math'scool?

    • Instructor's Manual
    • Lesson Notes (in Algebra'scool they are called Guided Notes)
    • Guided Practice
    • Independent Practice
    • Additional Practice
    • Glossary
    • Two tests per module
    • Challenge Set (provided on separate pages of the Guided Practice)
  3. To what extent does the Math'scool program include the use of manipulatives, illustrations, diagrams, and models to develop the students' conceptual understanding of the lessons?

    Math'scool uses illustrations, diagrams, manipulatives or models in every lesson .

  4. Are any of the Math'scool lessons specifically designated to teach students how to solve real-world problems (applications)?

    Math'scool does not have any application lessons because every lesson contains application problems.

  5. Does Math'scool have calculator exercises included?

    Calculators appear on the screen in various lessons to show multiplication or division of whole numbers and decimals. Although calculator exercises are not included in the on-screen lessons or in the print material, Math'scool does include suggestions in the Teachers Notes for using calculators. Thus, teachers have the choice of allowing the students to use or not use calculators.

  6. How is Math'scool packaged?

    Each of the 13 Modules is housed in a plastic binder that snaps shut and completely encases all of the materials. The binder contains plastic rings to hold 3-hole punched paper. Binder contents are:

    • Spiral bound Instructors Manual
    • Blackline masters (3-hole punched)
    • Plastic sleeve with the DVD containing Lessons
    • Plastic sleeve with the Blackline Masters on CD
  7. What are the main differences between Math'scool and Algebra'scool?


    Content is the main difference. See the Math'scool Scope and Sequence for more information. Using visualization techniques including illustrations, diagrams and models, Math'scool is designed to develop conceptual understanding of Numbers and Operations, Geometry, and Measurement that are included in the NCTM Curriculum Standards. Math'scool lessons are designed to reach students of any age who are being introduced to these concepts for the first time, who need review or additional instruction, or who need a multi-sensory approach to comprehend.


    In both programs, interaction among the characters is significant. However, in Math'scool, there is less narration by the teacher character, and more questions and comments by the character students who are trying to learn "Earth Math" from the robotic teacher (Mr. Tu). In addition, while cartoon animations are used as the anticipatory set in both programs, in Math'scool, a closing animation piece brings closure to the animation part of the lesson.

    Challenge Set

    Math'scool lessons contain "Challenge Problems" for more advanced students. After direct instruction, the teacher can choose Additional Practice, Challenge Set, or Continue with the lesson.


    As described above, Math'scool has been packaged by the Module. The packaging makes it easy for the teacher to take home and prepare, make available for a substitute, share different program modules with other teachers, etc.


    Music is available to play during Guided Practice. The music heard on the Math'scool lessons was composed specifically for our program and was designed to create the optimal alpha state for learning. The 30-second music loop will play until the DVD player is turned off or until play is pressed on the remote.

  8. What age group is appropriate for Math'scool?

    Math'scool is not designed for specific grade levels, as it is common for some students to be introduced to curriculum far in advance of "the norm" and some students need to continue to remediate curriculum long after other students have grasped it. In writing the scope and sequence, we reviewed the standards for 10 states as well as NCTM principles and standards. The states considered in our analysis were from the south to the north and the east to the west. The concepts included in Math'scool will most typically be introduced to students sometime between grades 5 and 8, depending on the state and district.

  9. NCTM Standards for mathematics include five strands: Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Algebra, and Data Analysis & Probability. Why does Math'scool only address the first three of these areas?

    BestQuest's Algebra'scool already addresses the Algebra and Data Analysis & Probability strands, so Math'scool has been designed to address the other three strands. However, BestQuest has added the Algebra Middle School Pack which will feature specific units from BestQuest's award-winning product Algebra'scool. After surveying math educators from across the country, BestQuest decided to re-package Units A, B and F of Algebra'scool to help Math'scool users with beginning algebra in the areas of operations and expressions, equations and inequalities of one variable, and data analysis, probability and statistics. By combining the Algebra Middle School Pack with Math'scool, BestQuest is now able to offer students and math teachers the opportunity to cover all of the math standards for middle school math. Pricing of the Algebra Middle School Pack is $995. The pack includes 41 lessons and is available now.

    To discuss Math'scool or to receive a quote, call us toll-free at (866) 882-2665 or send an email to [email protected].