Math'scool® is designed to develop conceptual understanding of Numbers and Operations, Geometry, and Measurement topics as proposed within the NCTM Curriculum Standards for the middle grades. Lessons are designed to reach students of any age who are being introduced to these concepts for the first time, who need review or additional instruction, or who need a multi-sensory approach to comprehend.

The complete Math'scool program consists of...

  • 74 Lessons on 15 DVDs
  • Instructor's Manuals
  • Blackline Masters of Student Materials
  • CD containing printable Blackline Masters
  • Free Technical Support


  • Aligns with state/national standards and textbooks
  • Meets the needs of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners
  • Frees the teacher from the chalkboard
  • Facilitates more teacher-student interaction
  • Allows the teacher to control the pace of instruction
  • Provides for improved classroom management
  • Brings an additional teacher into the classroom
  • Require no use of special equipment, or even a computer
  • Plays on a TV with DVD player OR a computer with DVD drive needed
  • Is easy to use and easy to integrate into your teaching style
  • Is fun for you and your students

Math'scool features...

  • Introductory character animation to grab the students' attention
  • Excellent pedagogy
  • High-quality graphics
  • Live video profiles that demonstrate the use of math in everyday jobs and answer the question, "When will I ever use this?"
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  • Calculator activities
  • Lessons incorporating use of manipulatives
  • Journal questions
  • Student Materials (blackline masters)
    • Lesson Notes
    • Guided Practice Problems
    • Independent Practice Problems
    • Additional Practice Problems
    • Challenge Problems
    • Two Assessment Tests Per Module
    • Glossary for Each Unit