In January 2001, Joe Irby, a former school administrator and math teacher, founded BestQuest Teaching Systems® in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the goal of developing the most effective and engaging curriculum for students at a reasonable cost.

Based on the premise that today's students live in a multimedia world and find it difficult to become excited and motivated by education presented with traditional blackboards and textbooks, Mr. Irby had an epiphany. "If you want to reach students today, you have to compete with video games and cell phones," he noted. "So I knew we had to create a new form of curriculum that was true to curriculum standards, yet just as fun and visually exciting as the items distracting students from their studies."

He assembled a team of top educators and a leading Hollywood DVD production company to help develop his idea of a completely new type of curriculum. BestQuest's first product, Algebra'scool®, a highly interactive and amazingly dynamic supplemental DVD curriculum series, was born.

BestQuest seeks to apply technology to the creation of engaging materials that can be used equally well in a classroom setting or for individual, self-paced learning. The Company draws on the vast educational and technological experience of its employees and partners, extensive research of existing products and the directives of leading educators.

As the demand for this groundbreaking new teaching system continues to grow, BestQuest plans to remain a step ahead by creating additional product lines to serve the needs of educators and enhance the intellect of today's students.