BestQuest Teaching Systems can customize a solution to fit your existing technology and yet be able to provide tools that help you to take advantage of any new investments that your school or district makes in additional technology.

Many schools fail to realize the full benefit of large investments made in new technology. BestQuest can create a custom solution to help any teacher get the full benefit of any or all of the following:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Document Cameras
  • Student Response Pads
  • Computer Labs
  • Computers for Every Student
  • Wide Area and Local Area Networks
  • Broadband Internet

We not only provide the tools to maximize the investments your school has already made, we also provide the training and support to assist each teacher in using the most effective practices with his or her existing technology. Often school districts make large investments in new technology but fail to achieve the full benefit because teachers do not have the time to prepare lessons built for that technology. With BestQuest programs, the tools are already there and the implementation is a matter of a few simple clicks.

*Limited Technology: BestQuest Programs have been successfully implemented in schools with the most rudimentary technology. With nothing more than a $200 television set and a $30 DVD player, a teacher can implement dynamic, multi-media instructional tools that will make the math class more engaging and more effective. If schools are dealing with older technology, BestQuest can provide the necessary adaptors to make our programs operate.