1. Does BestQuest® provide state alignments and textbook alignments?

    Yes, Algebra'scool® has been aligned to the NCTM Standards and States' frameworks, benchmarks, and/or standards. If a school or teacher would like to have the program aligned to a district's or school's standards, then BestQuest will provide that alignment at no additional cost. Click here to view currently available alignments or to request an alignment.

  2. Do I have to have special equipment to use Algebra'scool?

    No special equipment is needed. Algebra'scool is designed to be used with a television set and a DVD player. Television sets, DVD players, and other supplies or accessories can be purchased through BestQuest and shipped along with the program. Click here for pricing and orders.

    Alternatively, Algebra'scool can be shown using a computer with a DVD drive, or can be used in conjunction with a projection system and/or SmartBoard.

    Algebra'scool program can also be run on a server and dispersed to computers in a laboratory or media center, if desired.

  3. Are workbooks available?

    Yes. If a school or teacher would rather purchase a workbook for each unit instead of copying student pages from the set of Blackline Masters, then a workbook can be ordered. For more information, see Algebra'scool Additional Materials.

  4. How many Frogan's Heroes segments are there? Are they on one disc or spread out on all the DVDs?

    There are a total of 25 Frogan's Heroes segments on the 20 DVDs. Five of the discs contain two heroes segments. Fifteen discs contain one hero.

  5. Can we buy a set of discs for students to check out at a reduced cost?

    A School-to-Home Companion Set of discs can be purchased for $495. These DVDs are not intended for whole-class instruction, but are available at this special price and licensed for small group use only.

  6. How will this program help me work with students at different abilities?

    Because of the unique features of this program, all learning modalities are addressed: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. For the kinesthetic learner, graphics with manipulatives are provided.

    After viewing the initial DVD lesson, accelerated students can move right into working on the Independent Practice problems, which include challenging problems, as well as calculator activities.

    For those students who need additional instruction, the teacher can re-teach, clarify, and use the menu to review subtopics within the DVD portion of the lesson when needed before selecting problems that are suitable for independent practice or homework. If these students need additional time on the lesson, Additional Practice problems are provided for the teacher.

  7. Are there calculator activities?

    Calculator activities are provided in the Independent Practice part of the lessons when appropriate.

  8. Are there open-ended response items in the materials? Are there tests that accompany the lessons?

    Yes, in the Independent Practice part of the lessons, journal questions are listed, which can be considered as open-ended response items. Also, at the end of each module, two different module tests are included in the materials. Each of these tests includes open-ended response items. In the Instructor's Manual, an example of an acceptable answer is provided.

  9. Are there lessons that include manipulatives? Are the manipulatives automatically included in each lesson or does the teacher have a choice as to whether or not to use them?

    Many lessons have a section in the menu entitled "Manipulatives." The teacher can choose to begin the lesson with this section, select to show one of the examples from this section during the lesson, or use this section after the DVD lesson is completed. Once again, the teacher can tailor the lesson to fit the needs of a particular class of students by choosing when and where the manipulatives will be used.